Monday, October 12, 2009

A Waste

You didn’t make a scene
but made a waste instead;
A waste of gloriousness--
a glorious waste?
No crown, no court,
no jewels or robes.

God on earth was a waste:
a carpenter riding donkeys
and laughing with fishermen.
You didn’t make babies to
crown in your name--
you have no blood line to follow;
what a waste of power,
position and beauty.

Let me be a waste too then!
Let me be the best example of poor “planning,”
lower than every expectation—
a great disappointment.

Pour out my life unto death
if necessary.
Out of our anguish
light will blind.

Prosper our will
in your

Giving to others what
I do not have.

Forget my ministry, my
impact, my attempts
at leadership and fruit—
oh just let me be a despised root

…and then Easter.

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