Friday, October 9, 2009

Your only chance...

Sometimes I write a poem that absolutely scares me. This is one of those. It puts fear in my every bone that I could speak such words-- and yet his lovingkindness entices me to.

This is Your Only Chance to Suffer

This is your only chance to suffer--don’t miss out!
When Christ returns there will only be rejoicing.
Your time of aching with him will be no more—
so do it now before it’s too late and there is no
more suffering ever again!

This is your only time to leave—soon they’ll only be returning home!
Hurry, before he comes back! There isn’t much time—
let’s go! Pack all your belongings and then leave them in
cardboard boxes on your front porch. Kiss your loved ones
and leave them too if necessary. This is the time
to leave! There will be no other chance.

This is the only moment you’ll ever have to pray—pray now!
Before you know it you’ll be speaking face to face—hand
in hand, inside-out, and you’ll no longer need to pray,
so pray while you still can! Jump into the uncertainty and thank
God for the mixed messages—of course their mixed! You’re mixed!
of flesh and spirit, of earth and heaven, royal child and seed
of adam—you are a confusing prayer—so be what you are and
pray with certainty that the uncertainty will end but it will end
because prayer ends-- so pray while you can!

This is your only chance to cry—weep now!
When Christ comes back-- when my husband returns--
there will be no more opportunity to shed tears, because
he will be in the business of wiping them away.
The time is short! Wail for yourself and others while you still can!
There will be no tears on your face when it is new—
this is your only chance to cry with Christ!
Soon, they’ll only be joy and extravagance and laughter!

This is your only chance to fast—fast now!
In just a moment, they’ll only be feasting!
This is a golden opportunity to deny food for a day
and say “I want to eat you instead.” – soon
you’ll be eating with him! So fast now, before
there is never again a lack of fullness or food!

This is your only chance to die! Die now! Run into
a spear if necessary—let your heart be pierced for Love,
for him who was pierced to be alone with you. Hold
a gun to your “plans” and play Russian roulette!
This is your only chance to join your husband in death,
for when he comes back, there will only be Life—so go die!


Drew said...

The urgency of our temporary life here.

This is a scary poem, get out of comfort, stop whining and enjoy what you have been given.

these are the words that just came to mind. good hetty

Hetty said...

thanks for the comments Drew!!

Tom said...

Wow! I'm reading it over for about the third time- If we could really see into the fringes of our lives, we would open our eyes wider to take it all in. Reminds me to press into God but I also pray that like Elijah's servant, our spiritual eyes be opened to see that the enemy is surrounded and we are on the winning side. I certainly hope you keep on's really good (and raw)