Monday, November 23, 2009

Open Invitation

You rose from waters not yet formed
in the wind you had in mind.
Greeting all you created with cries
of deliverance and songs of gladness.
Giving love like a dog-- loyal to the end.

Evil you never thought of,
nor did it enter your mind.
But like a child planting
a garden you walked the fields
throwing seeds of life without reserve.

Your dance turns the earth upside down and
breaks it in two; a stumbling block
to all men: frustrating plans and
dinner reservations.
For we all must decide
to join the dance or leave angry.


Tom said...

Join the dance or leave angry. Great line! Also the idea of turning the earth upside down and breaking it two (A stumbling block. Jesus is sure not the 'prosiac' Jesus we have painted him to be. see ya ............tom

Tom said...

I forgot; re this poem; Remind me. I have a worship song called the "Lord of the Dance" I'll get it to you. You'd love it.